Other Internet Resources

There are countless sites on the Internet focusing on funerals, death, Loss and Grief issues, and it can sometimes be difficult to know where to commence a search. We have taken some time to select a few helpful sites under the categories about which most of our clients request information and these are listed below. You are welcome to download this information. We hope that this will assist you in a broader search.

We recommend that the first one listed (Grief) be read in conjunction with any of those following, as it contains information which will assist in the understanding of the other specific categories. For example, its contents need to be consulted in conjunction with ‘Children and Grief’ sites.

While we do recommend these sites for general information we know that each situation of loss is unique, and would recommend that if you are seeking specific information that you consult a specialist in the field of loss and grief. If in doubt as to how to go about this, please do not hesitate to email us at: info@tobinbrothers.com.au

Guide to the Internet 1 - "Grief General"
Guide to the Internet 2 - "Grief and Ageing"
Guide to the Internet 3 - "Grief and Disability"
Guide to the Internet 4 - "Grief and the Adolescent"
Guide to the Internet 5 - "Grief and the Child"
Guide to the Internet 6 - "Grief after an Infant Death"
Guide to the Internet 7 - "Grief and Multicultural Issues"
Guide to the Internet 8 - "Compassion, Fatigue and Burnout"
Guide to the Internet 9 - "Grief and Suicide"