#SayItNow week returns in 2022 as Victorians join the conversation to celebrate the important people in their lives.

We are proud to announce that #SayItNow returns in 2022 - and will be extended over the whole month of April!

Starting on 1st April 2022, Victorians young and old are encouraged to celebrate the important people in their lives during Tobin Brothers Funerals’ #SayItNow initiative.

#SayItNow encourages people to pick up the phone, catch up for a coffee or send a message to a loved one or friend, to tell them how important they are in their life, and then share their #SayItNow moment on social media.

#SayItNow Ambassadors for 2022 will be announced soon!

Each ambassador will share their touching stories by expressing their appreciation for the impact a mentor, family member or friend has had on their life. Each week, two ambassador videos will be released via the ambassadors and Tobin Brothers’ digital and social media channels.

James MacLeod, Managing Director Tobin Brothers Funerals, said #SayItNow encourages everyone to get involved.

“Too often, staff at Tobin Brothers have witnessed the heartache suffered by families and friends who did not have an opportunity to recognise the impact a loved one has had on their life before they have died. We felt compelled to develop #SayItNow Initiative as a way of reminding people not to wait until it’s too late to express your thoughts and feelings to the people around you. #SayItNow is a wonderful opportunity to encourage all Victorians to celebrate their important relationships by sending messages of gratitude to their loved ones.”