Art Of Grieving Workshop

The Art of Grieving Workshop is a FREE 5 week evening program; using creative, visual and written expression to explore the experience of grief. 

We all grieve. We do not all grieve about the same things or in the same way, but we all grieve. The Art 
of Grieving is about taking time out to play and be creative while breaking down the myths around grief and overcoming the silence, confusion and shame that can occur with any significant loss in our lives.

We invite you to join the Art of Grieving group to create, explore and grieve in a supportive and caring space. Together we will learn, reflect, sew, weave, paint, draw, photograph, write, sculpt or build our lives back together. 

No artistic skills are required, just a willingness to heal, explore and learn.

We hold this event regularly at various locations.

The next Art of Grieving is now fully subscribed and registrations for this workshop have closed.

MONDAY evenings
13th May - 10th June
from 6:30pm - 9:00pm.

Holden St Neighbourhood House
128 Holden St, North Fitzroy 3068.

To register your interest in future Art of Grieving workshops please fill out our online registration form:

Register of interest for future Art of Grieving workshops