Tobin Brothers Funerals Mother's Day Services

Mother's Day Services

Mother’s Day can be an overwhelmingly challenging day for anyone whose mother or child has passed away. Powerful memories - and the reality of such a loss on this special day - can elevate the debilitating grief you’re already experiencing, and coping with those feelings may seem impossible. 

While Tobin Brothers offer Mother’s Day Services at a number of our Chapels, we’ve also gathered some coping strategies that may help you navigate Mother’s Day without your loved one, whether you’ve lost your mother or are a grieving parent. Please find them below: 

Don’t Be Afraid to Put Yourself First

Take time to consider what you need most on Mother’s Day. Perhaps you’d enjoy some quiet time at a park, or going to see a film. Others find it helpful to spend this day surrounded by loved ones. There’s no shame in doing what you feel will bring you some joy, so don't be hesitant to express those needs to those closest to you.

Write a Letter

Don’t underestimate the power of the written word. Write a card or letter to your mother expressing how much you miss her, and reminisce on special moments you shared. You may find this to be a therapeutic expression of your feelings.

Avoid Social Media

On Mother’s Day, social media is flooded with tributes to moms. Do yourself a favour, and avoid scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Venturing online will simply remind you of what you’re missing. Instead, spend time doing something you truly enjoy.

Allow Yourself to Remember

Remember that grieving is normal. Allow yourself to reminisce on happy memories, and be gentle on yourself. Keep your loved ones’ memory alive by looking through photographs and talking about favourite memories. 

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Nature

Nature can be remarkably healing. Consider planting a tree in your mother’s honour, or purchasing a bouquet of her favourite flowers to place in an area you’ll be able to enjoy them and remember your mother with fondness and love.

Christmas Remembrance Services

If you’re unable to attend our Mother’s Day services, we invite you to attend our Christmas Remembrance Services, which are held in November and December each year.

Details for these Remembrance Services can be found here : Christmas Remembrance Services.