Remembering our Angels Services

By: Samantha Rennie - Community Education Manager - Tobin Brothers Funerals
Monday, October 26, 2015

Remembering Our Angels is an annual service for parents, families and friends who have experienced, or been touched by, the loss of a baby or child. These services are open to anyone to attend, and will be held on four Sundays in November 2015.

These Services allow everyone to gather in an atmosphere of candlelight and quiet music, providing an opportunity to remember, reflect and acknowledge the special place in our lives and hearts that our babies and children shall always hold.

In our society, many people often feel a pressure to pretend we have the perfect life and that sadness doesn’t exist. This becomes even more apparent at Christmas which makes the grief of losing a child or baby even more difficult to bear at this time of the year.

Suppressing grief is the worst thing a person can do for their health and wellbeing and so Tobin Brothers Funerals offers a space and time for bereaved parents, family and friends to come together, for solace and community in our chapels, during the month of November, at the beginning of the festive season.

This year's services carry the theme ‘Safe Harbours in Stormy Seas’ because grief can be like being set adrift in the middle of an ocean. The feeling of being lost and out of control in the stormy waters of emotions and thoughts can be overwhelming. The Remembering our Angels services aim to create a safe harbour and a light house as a way to strengthen the bereaved and to navigate their journey of grief back to a life of renewed meaning and hope.

Grief does not end; it becomes part of who we are and broadens our experience of being human. People who have lost a child become a new person, they are not the same people as they were before. Learning who they are as a bereaved parent or family member takes time and sometimes guidance.

As part of our Remembering our Angels service this year a speaker from Sands Victoria will offer guidance and insight into the difficulties faced by a bereaved parent. It can be helpful to know how someone else has coped and has come to a place where the pain of grief does not consume every day but in fact helps to transform them and others to become people capable of more love, compassion and hope.

Christmas may not be merry, and that is okay. Remembering our Angels services aim to take the emphasis off the “merry” and instead bring about a loving, authentic and supportive kind of Christmas.

Anyone bereaved by the loss of a child or infant is welcome to attend our Remembering our Angels services. There is no cost involved but to reserve a seat please register on our website where you will also find more information and the service dates and times: CLICK HERE

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