Christmas Remembrance Services

Christmas Remembrance Services for 2019 have now concluded.

For those dealing with the loss of a loved one, the holidays can be particularly challenging. Instead of joy, excitement and happiness, this time of year can bring with it incredible feelings of sorrow, pain, grief, and maybe even anger.

According to Psychology Today, it is common for grief to spike during the Christmas season. Many find that holiday traditions - such as cheerful Christmas music, jubilant holiday parties, and festive decor - enhance the pain they’re experiencing, and serve as unbearably painful reminders of their loss. 

Each year, Tobin Brothers Funerals hosts a series of Christmas Remembrance Services in an effort to offer comfort to people who are bereaved and seeking a place and time for reflection and solace. 

If you’re wondering how to cope with the Christmas season following the death of someone you love, we hope the following strategies help:

  1. Don’t pretend the holidays don’t exist; allow yourself to fully experience your grief, and don’t be afraid to lean on family and friends for any support you may require;
  2. Set some boundaries for yourself. Don’t feel required to attend every party, dinner, and celebration you’re invited to. It’s important you give yourself time to grieve and mindfully choose some activities you enjoy doing. 
  3. Honour your loved one’s memory. Develop a tradition to memorialize your lost loved one. This could mean preparing his or her favourite meal or lighting a holiday candle beside one of your favourite photographs.
  4. Start new traditions, and choose which traditions to stop. Plan ahead, and be sure to let your friends and family know of these changes so they’re not surprised when the time comes;
  5. Buy a gift you would have given to your loved one, and donate it to a charity; 
  6. Make time for yourself. Go see a film, enjoy a novel, or take a holiday if you can afford it.

If you are having trouble coping in the lead up to Christmas, you can find some suggestions on making life easier this Christmas here.

We have also created a video series entitled 'The 12 steps of Coping at Christmas' to help you to get through the festive period while experiencing feelings of grief. You can view them here.

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