Victorians young and old are encouraged to #ListenNow to the people who are important in their lives during Tobin Brothers Funerals’ #ListenNow initiative.

Never has there been such a challenging time, a time of uncertainty for our health, our families, our way of living and being each and every day which brings with it an enormous strain on mental health.

In 2020, a year of significant challenge for so many, we launched the #ListenNow initiative to acknowledge the rise in hardships, and this year, in 2021, we again encourage you to #ListenNow.

Check in on your loved ones and people around you, sit down at the dinner table, catch up for that facetime, send that message of love to reach out to ask how they are going...and then really listen and observe, we don't always see what's beneath the surface and even a smile. Hold the space for them to talk openly about their struggles, their mental health, their challenges and #ListenNow.

Throughout September we will bring you a series of videos and messages from our ambassadors who share their experiences and provide insight.

Wayne Gatt from The Police Association, The Salvation Army’s Major Brendan Nottle, Psychologist Jacqui Louder, Emergency Physician Dr Stephen Parnis, and outreach worker and community activist Les Twentyman OAM have been listed as the 2021 #ListenNow ambassadors.

Writer and broadcaster Justin Smith will chat to each of the ambassadors who will share their experiences, both professionally and personally.

Each day throughout #ListenNow week, one ambassador video will be released here on the Tobin Brothers’ website, on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

Stay tuned for the rest of the #ListenNow series for 2021

Writer and broadcaster Justin Smith begins the #ListenNow campaign, a Tobin Brothers Funerals initiative, to talk openly about people's struggles, mental health and challenges. Justin will chat with many inspiring people in the community who will share their experiences, both professionally and personally.

Join us today as we introduce the #ListenNow series of videos across the whole month of September.

The #ListenNow initiative encourages conversations around mental health and wellbeing and we invite you to join in the conversation and check in on those around you.

Please watch this video introduction as Justin chats to Tobin Brothers Funerals Managing Director James MacLeod about #ListenNow for 2021, the struggles we are all facing, the reality of the times we are in and the importance of supporting one another and seeking help where we need to.

Keep an eye out on our social media platforms and website throughout September for more videos.
We encourage you to get involved in the conversation by using #ListenNow.

Tobin Brothers #ListenNow initiative continues today as Justin Smith talks to Dr Stephen Parnis - a Senior Specialist in Emergency Medicine, in consultant practice at St Vincent's Hospital, the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, and Werribee Mercy Hospital in Melbourne. Dr Parnis advises medical and political leaders on matters of medical practice and health policy and speaks publicly on matters of public importance.
Please watch the video above, as Dr Parnis discusses the current global #covid19 pandemic and the effect it is currently having on the mental health and wellbeing of our nation and please, remember to check in on the people you love.

As Commanding Officer of The Salvation Army - Victoria, Major Brendan Nottle has dedicated over two decades of his life to working with the most vulnerable members of society - homeless, suffering from mental health issues, addiction or social poverty. But most importantly, he forges one-on-one human connections that help people feel less marginalised and alone and he has seen the first hand effects of this pandemic on a real life level.

Please watch the video above, and share this with someone who needs to listen as Major Brendon Nottle discusses the current situation we are in and how it's impacting us.

Today for #ListenNow, Justin Smith is joined by Wayne Gatt - Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of The Police Association Victoria Wayne is proud to represent more than 18,000 police and Protective Service Officers (PSOs) in Victoria and works everyday to protect, represent and support our community.

Policing is no ordinary job and with years of personal experience in the field, Wayne chats to Justin about the current climate for his community and his colleagues. The #ListenNow initiative has a focus on mental health and wellbeing and we encourage you to join in the conversation and check in on those around you.

Today for #ListenNow, Justin Smith is joined by Les Twentyman OAM.

In over 40 years as a community welfare worker, Les Twentyman has worked with drug addicts, cared for homeless and abused youth, and settled thousands of family disputes. Listen in as he chats to Justin about supporting and understanding our youth, and his thoughts and experiences.

Today for #ListenNow, Justin Smith is joined by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia's highest-profile psychologists. In today’s #ListenNow video, he joins in the discussions around mental health awareness and wellbeing and expresses his concerns and beliefs in the importance of direct conversations. Dr Michael was also a part of our 2020 campaign and shared so many important insights. 

#ListenNow month : 6th - 30th September 2021

If you are struggling please call @lifelineaustralia 13 11 14 or text 0477 13 11 14.

Today for #ListenNow, an initiative by Tobin Brothers to encourage conversations around mental health and wellbeing, Justin Smith chats to psychologist Jacqui Louder For the past 16 years, Jacqui has been specialising in psychology related to athletic transitions in and out of elite sport, eating disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, performing arts and children’s sport.

Jacqui also hosted the ‘Healthy Minds at Home' live counselling sessions where she offered the Tobin Brothers Community some practical tools to help maintain good mental health during lockdown and beyond.

Listen in as Jacqui and Justin discuss mental health during the lockdown, and share this video with someone who needs to hear it.

Today for #ListenNow, an initiative by Tobin Brothers, Justin Smith chats to world-leading mental health researcher, Professor Patrick McGorry AO Pat is a psychiatrist known world-wide for his development and scaling up of early intervention and youth mental health services and for mental health innovation, advocacy and reform.

He is President of the International Association for Youth Mental Health and the founding board member of Headspace and past President of numerous other mental health organisations.

Today he shares a lot of really valuable insights as he chats to Justin and opens conversations around mental health and wellbeing.

Today for #ListenNow, Justin Smith is joined by Melbourne paramedic, Team Manager at Ambulance Victoria and mum of two - Shelly Tennant. Shelly has seen the mental health effects of todays current climate first hand as many people turn to coping mechanisms inside their homes, which leads to call outs from Ambulance Victoria.

Hear from Shelly herself as she chats about her experiences as a paramedic and what she has observed in the last 18 months to open up more conversations about mental health and wellbeing. The #ListenNow initiative has run all through September with a focus on encouraging conversations around mental health and wellbeing.

We encourage you to check in on your loved ones and people around you, sit down at the dinner table, catch up for that facetime, send that message of love to reach out to ask how they are going...and then really #ListenNow.

To conclude #ListenNow week, Justin Smith is joined by Tobin Brothers Managing Director James MacLeod to reflect on the week that has been, the conversations that have been sparked, and again highlight the importance of talking openly about mental health, especially in these times when so many people are under a range of different pressures.

Although this #ListenNow week has concluded, we hope that these important discussions continue and you continue to regularly check in on the people you care about and then #ListenNow.