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Memory Maker App

Planning the perfect funeral is never easy. Whether you are planning your own funeral or that of a loved one, there is so many things to consider and coordinate.

Now Tobin Brothers offers a new and simple way to plan everything in the privacy of your own home and receive a complete fee proposal without even picking up the phone. Our free smart phone app, Memory Maker, is an easy-to-use planner that will take the guesswork out of this important day.

Memory Maker has been developed with the same level of care and professionalism you've come to expect from Tobin Brothers. After downloading it from iTunes, you will be guided through every step of the planning process. Every aspect of the funeral can be customised and compared; from the catering, funeral stationery, vehicles and music, to the kind of service, the location and the clergy or celebrant involved. You will create a complete plan that covers all the functional aspects of a funeral but still reflects the unique life lived.

Expanding on the original Memory Maker app (2011), Tobin Brothers Funerals has now launched the world first Build Your Own Coffin or Casket feature. This allows family members to individualise the design by choosing from a large range of shapes, colours, handles, drapery and floral arrangements to match.

“Everybody is unique and their tastes are also unique. People like different things in fashion and decorations. Why should it be any different for a coffin or casket? That’s why we’ve designed the Tobin Brothers build your own coffin or casket” - James MacLeod

Creating your funeral plan in your own home means that you can step through the options with your family or friends, pressure free. As always, we pride ourselves on our transparency, and at the end of the planning process you will be presented with a comprehensive funeral fee proposal for consideration. If you prefer, you can call and speak to one of our consultants directly.

Our MemoryMaker App is available to download FREE through the iTunes store, or Google Play, so you can conveniently start planning the perfect way to reflect on your own life or that of a loved one:

iOS devices  (iPhone, iPad...)
Download from the iTunes store here
Android devices
Download from Google Play here

“The Memory Maker today, for the funerals of tomorrow.”