Cure MND (Motor Neurone Disease)

By: Michael Lynch - Tobin Brothers Funerals
Sunday, October 11, 2015

“I am devoted to the task of raising awareness about Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and funds for research within Australia, with the aim of discovering treatments that can grapple with the disease, and ultimately help find a cure” - Neil Daniher

Over recent months, former AFL footballer and coach Neil Daniher has significantly raised public awareness of what he calls “the beast” – the beast being Motor Neurone Disease for which is there is no known cure nor any effective treatment.

As patron of the Cure for MND Foundation, Daniher spends his every waking moment spreading the word about this terrible, terminal illness and helping to raise much needed funds for research that may one day help bring about a cure. He says he’s been greatly heartened by the level of public support for his campaign and by the willingness of Tobin Brothers Funerals staff and tens of thousands of other Victorians to don a Cure for MND Foundation beanie in solidarity.


For more information and to hear the personal stories of MND sufferers and their families, Tobin Brothers Funerals has also produced a short documentary which is well worth watching. Click to watch our documentary here: Motor Neurone Disease Documentary.

To raise further awareness and support for research, the Cure for MND Foundation is holding its inaugural Gala Ball at the National Gallery of Victoria on Saturday 28 November. Details for this all important event can be found at, and tickets are available now for purchase.



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