How Would You Like To Be Celebrated?

By: James MacLeod - Managing Director, Tobin Brothers Funerals
Sunday, December 6, 2015

In recent months Tobin Brothers Funerals, with the assistance of Creative Director Robin Geradts-Gill from RGG Creative, produced four new TV ads that posed the question ‘How would you like to be celebrated?’. A day was spent in the studio asking people, of all ages and from all walks of life, how they would like to be celebrated. We received all sorts of different answers, some that were quite predictable and others that were daringly different.

One of the people interviewed on the day was Wilhelmina, the grandmother of our Creative Director, Robin. Wilhelmina had very strong views on what she would like for her life celebration and warmed our hearts when she requested to camera “I would like one of those wavy dancing men outside… that would be fun that would put a smile on people’s faces.”

Some four weeks after these TV ads were filmed, Wilhelmina sadly died in her sleep. It came as a great surprise to us all, at Tobin Brothers and to her family and friends, as she wasn’t unwell and her energy was amazing on the day that we recorded these ads.

The family held her funeral service and later on held a memorial service at one of the family members’ Brewery Bar. We were so pleased to see that the family lovingly honoured Wilhelmina’s wishes and in fact had a wavy dancing man assembled outside.

Tobin Brothers Funerals know that every life is unique and think every celebration should be to. If it’s legal, it’s possible…

How would you like to be celebrated?


Written by James MacLeod - Managing Director, Tobin Brothers Funerals


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